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a weird stroy happen when a family muslim in the flight to Florida..this family was suspected as terrorist just because they talk about safety..what's wrong with this people(the Us citizen)..from this we know that these people live in the fear n full of suspecious..hurmm..they chosse to live in fear.. n we muslim always will stay peace although we are the one who suspected as terroist everyday..

US Airline Apologizes to Muslim Family

By Ibtihal Alkhidir Ahmed, IOL Washington Bureau

AirTrans described the removal of the Muslim family as a "misunderstanding". (Google)

WASHINGTON — An American airline has apologized to a Muslim family booted off a domestic flight to Florida over a chat about the "safest" seats in the plane.
"We regret that the issue escalated to the heightened security level it did," AirTran Airways said in the statement.

"But we trust everyone understands that the security and the safety of our passengers is paramount."

Nine members of a Muslim family were removed from a domestic flight to Orlando, Florida, after they chatted about their seats in the plane.

Two passengers overheard the talk and reported it as "suspicious" to the pilot, who ordered the flight postponed and the plane evacuated.

"I read in an article that the best place to sit in an airplane is in the back," Inayet Shahin told, recalling the chat while walking through the aisles to get their seats.

"No, I heard that the best place to sit is in the wing," her brother-in-law replied.

As they settled in their seats, they noticed two other passengers walking back and forth.

"They were looking at us in a funny way," Shahin said.

Just a few minutes later, two federal air marshals walked up to the family and asked them to get off.

They were later surrounded by police officers.

"We were put on display," recalled Shahin.

"They lined us up outside and put us in a spot so that everyone would see us."


The Muslim family members were detained and taken for interrogation for two hours.

"We were surrounded by dogs and my children [two, four and seven] started crying," said Shahin.

"They wouldn't even let us get food."

After interrogation, federal authorities cleared the Muslim family of any wrongdoing.

The FBI and AirTrans described the incident as a "misunderstanding".

However, the American airline refused to rebook the Muslim passengers, who paid for seats on another carrier.

America's main Muslim advocacy group, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), said the incident would not have occurred had the passengers not had beards and hijabs.

"This is what sparked the incident," Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR National Communications Director, told IOL.

"[They] were Muslim and had a darker skin complexion."

In 2006, six imams were removed from a domestic flight for what passengers considered suspicious behavior.

They were removed from the flight, handcuffed and detained in the airport for questioning for over five hours.

Since 9/11, American Muslims, estimated between six to seven million, have become sensitized to an erosion of their civil rights, with a prevailing belief that America was targeting their faith

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